White Glove? No Problem: The Secrets to Successful Last Mile Delivery

The Secrets to Successful Last Mile Delivery

The last mile of a delivery is the final link in the chain between you and your customers. It is also responsible for your customer’s level of satisfaction, as well as their opinion of your brand. Obviously, it is far too important to take risks here. White glove final mile delivery service ensures increased customer satisfaction, reduced returns/product damage and beneficial branding for your company. Here are the most important elements of successful last mile delivery.

The Right Personnel

When delivering high-value items to your customer’s home, it is essential that your crews match the expectations. Make sure that the company you choose for last mile delivery uses highly trained, experience professionals at all times. Not only should the crews be experienced and trained with proper loading, unloading and installation procedures, but they should be customer service experts in their own right and they must look the part.

Experience with the Item Type

Home delivery is not a one-size-fits-all area. Moving a high-end refrigerator is much different than moving an expensive baby grand piano. Moving a luxury living room suit is very different from moving a high-end stove. Make sure the company you choose has experience moving the type of item in question, whether it is a new refrigerator, a sofa, computer technology or something completely different.

The Right Equipment

You have seen it in countless TV shows and movies. A moving team is struggling to get a large item into a building – it might be a piano that will not fit up the stairs or a bed they are trying to shove through a narrow doorway. Do not let that happen to you. Moving high-end items requires the right equipment at all times and the equipment needs to be specialized to match the type of item in question. Make sure the company you choose has specialized equipment and methods to handle the delivery correctly and leave a positive impression on your customer.

The Right Services

Not all last mile delivery providers offer the right mix of services. Make sure the company you choose can offer everything from white glove furniture delivery to deluxing, blanket wrapping, appointment scheduling and inbound transportation management.

With the right last mile delivery service, your brand is protected and your customers experience the level of service and quality they expect and deserve.