DFL Home™

DFL Home™ – A Reliable Delivery And Installation Experience That Satisfies Your Customers.

In today’s competitive business climate, every advantage counts. DFL Home™ makes the delivery and installation of your product a positive customer experience for your brand – and a competitive advantage.

Last Mile Services

  • White Glove Furniture Delivery
  • Design Delivery
  • Deluxing
  • Appliance Delivery and Installation
  • Routing Software
  • Cost-effective Transportation
  • Blanket Wrap
  • Account Management
  • Inbound Transportation Management
  • Appointment Scheduling

The quality of DFL Home™ delivery is built on three important distinctives:

1. DFL Home™ Specialized Crews
Your customer will judge your company by our people. Because of this, we hire the best personnel and train them in the proper techniques for handling high-value items. But that’s not all. We also train them in important aspects of customer service in order to assure that your brand is always safe in our hands.

2. DFL Home™ Specialized Experience In The Home
You’ll be happy to learn Daryl Flood Logistics’ (DFL) corporate parent is one of the most successful moving companies in the world. Because of this, no home delivery company can boast more experience in moving costly household items in and around a home in the safest, most professional manner possible.

3. DFL Home™ Specialized Equipment And Methods

You can relax. We’ve done this a million times, literally. We have all the right equipment and best practices to speed your deliveries to successful completion. This means your product will arrive on time to your customer and will be delivered by a professional driver in an air-ride equipped truck.

Call DFL today to see how DFL Home™ can make a difference for you and make the kind of lasting impression your customers are looking for. Or fill out the web form on the right and we’ll get right back to you.