DFL eCommerce™

DFL eCommerce™ – A Flexible, Efficient System For Fulfilling Your Online Sales.

Whether you are looking for a single partner to run your entire e-commerce fulfillment operation or a dependable back up to fill in the gaps left by behemoths like Amazon.com, DFL eCommerce™ has the answer. DFL eCommerce™ offers customized, flexible e-commerce fulfillment solutions that boost inventory turns while lowering distribution costs.

Product Fulfillment

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Account Management
  • Inventory Management and Reporting
  • Expiration and Lot Tracking
  • Returns Management
  • Import/Export Logistics

Our customers have chosen DFL eCommerce™ for four main reasons:

1. DFL eCommerce™ is fast.
Daryl Flood Logistics (DFL) has the systems and people in place to quickly fulfill up to 10,000 orders per day. Plus, we are located minutes from major shipping hubs for both UPS® and FedEx®. This means an order that might be “late” somewhere else is on time with us.

2. DFL eCommerce™ is accurate.
DFL has invested in the most sophisticated e-commerce technology platforms available including a full-featured WMS (Warehouse Management System) that automates the efficiency and accuracy of every transaction. Find out more about our technology infrastructure here.

3. DFL eCommerce™ is scalable.
We understand your business may have holiday and other surge seasons. DFL eCommerce™ has the experience and team in place to handle it. We’re ready to scale up to meet the needs of your customers with minimal notice.

4. DFL eCommerce™ is cost-effective.
DFL’s primary locations – in Texas – are some of the most economical distribution points in the U.S. Over 90% of the U.S. population is within reach by truck from our locations within 48 hours.

Call DFL today or fill out the web form on the right to see how DFL eCommerce™ can help make your online sales machine hum like never before.