DFL Tech™

DFL Tech™ – Using Technology And Innovation To Improve Distribution.

Daryl Flood Logistics (DFL) knows the keys to customer satisfaction are efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. DFL Tech™ is our suite of technology tools that work together to support this mission.

HighJump™ Warehouse Management System

  • Paperless fulfillment services
  • Fleet of wireless mobile scanning devices
  • Near real-time inventory management
  • Database recording of movement transactions
  • Client WMS access to inventory data
  • Regularly scheduled reports customized to client

Kewill™ Transportation Management System

  • Multi-carrier parcel (FedEx, UPS, and USPS) rating and shipping
  • Multi-carrier rate shop for best shipping method
  • Fully integrated within the HighJump™ WMS
  • LTL rating and shipping

Viamente Routing Software

  • Intelligent dispatching
  • Optimized fleet routing
  • Accurate time windows
  • Real-time route editing
  • Directions and coordinates sent directly to drivers’ smartphones via email/text
  • Skill specific delivery ability

DFL Tech™ includes the following technology platforms:

HighJump™ Warehouse Management System
Our full featured warehouse management system from HighJump™ manages fulfillment services in a paperless environment. Product is received, stored, picked, packed and shipped using a fleet of wireless mobile scanning devices. Sophisticated business logic ensures maximum order accuracy, efficiency and storage density in a high velocity and high order volume environment. Our clients’ inventories are managed in near real time by the HighJump™ system. All transactions of movement are recorded at the database level, and all inventory levels are based on quantity received, less quantity shipped, plus quantity returned equals current stock level. DFL Tech™ can provide  you with inventory data through access to our WMS, or with regularly scheduled reports customized to fit your needs.

Kewill™ Transportation Management System
Integrates seamlessly with HighJump™ to ensure optimal flexibility, efficiency and detailed selection, control and tracking for all shipments

DFL Tech™ runs on a comprehensive array of IT infrastructure based upon Dell servers, Equallogic SAN, Cisco routers and HP switches. DFL Tech™ utilizes VMware server virtualization technology for fault tolerance/high availability and Citrix VDI for remote access. DFL Tech™ data security uses SonicWall technology to ensure robust and multi layered protection that you can trust your business with.

DFL Tech™ currently measures and produces reports detailing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) requested by our clients. These metrics are provided to our clients monthly and the results are also shared at the Quarterly Business Reviews. Our company was founded on the principle of offering exceptional service. Our KPI goals exceed 99% and we typically measure performance related to receiving accuracy and timeliness, order accuracy, inventory accuracy, transportation/delivery, and customer service.

To find out how DFL Tech™ can help accomplish your logistics goals, call DFL today or fill out the form on the right and we’ll contact you.