DFL Forklift Fleet Refresh

Daryl Flood Logistics completed a “Fleet Refresh” of our forklifts in our contract logistics warehouse in February 2016. To better serve the needs of our clients, our fleet grew from 12 trucks to 15 trucks, including three Hyster® reach trucks and 12 Hyster® order pickers. The new fleet’s combination of visibility, safety, efficiency and cost-saving benefits create an ideal opportunity for greater warehouse productivity.


Our new fleet is equipped with a Hyster® wireless tracker system which enables supervisors to monitor each operator individually. In order to operate a forklift, each user must use their employee ID card to access the truck. If a user is not approved for forklift use, the truck will not function, preventing unauthorized access.

The Hyster® system gives management full visibility into operator performance, creating a new level of accountability. Management can see who is on a forklift, how long they have been on it and whether it is in motion or idle. Each truck contains an Impact Monitor that records when it comes in contact with anything. If a truck operator hits something hard, the truck will shut down and the system sends an email to management. Restarting the unit requires supervisor override. This encourages operators to operate the trucks in a safe and controlled manner.


The Operator Selectable Performance Modes allow the operator to select performance levels needed for a specific task, and management to set performance allowances by individual operator. A supervisor can reduce the performance level of a truck so that a new user can learn to operate the truck in a controlled manner.

By law, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Inspection Checklist is required before every shift in the warehouse. These checklists are audited by OSHA, as well as our insurance company. Our new fleet has allowed us to streamline this into a more efficient paperless process. At first sign-on each day, every forklift loads the electronic OSHA Inspection Checklist. The forklift remains inoperable until the checklist is completed.


New equipment with a full maintenance plan means well taken care of equipment with less lost time due to equipment breakdowns. Our new fleet runs off AC motors which are far more efficient, have a longer life expectancy and run cooler than our previous fleet. These forklifts produce more power on less amperage, and these models offer higher amperage than their competitors. In addition, the lift on the truck goes higher and the mast is rated higher than its competitors.

The Hyster® wireless tracker system allows management to see and monitor individual forklift operator performance including hour and usage metrics, average time per pick and how long it takes to ascend and descend for each pick.


Responsible lease negotiation allowed us to acquire an all-new top of the line fleet with the latest and greatest technology, and add three forklifts to our fleet size, all while reducing our forklift spending. By reducing our spending we can better control our costs operationally, which allows us to pass those savings on to clients.

By creating greater visibility into our warehouse operations, with the ability to drill down to individual forklift operator, our clients have greater insight into the happenings of their product inventory. Implementing a new top of the line forklift fleet, and utilizing the latest technology means our clients can rest easy, confident that their inventory is in capable hands. Increased safety and efficiency allows us to perform with greater productivity and serve our clients on new levels.