China Looms Large in International Logistics

While much of the world suffers from slow economic growth, worries about Greece exiting the EU cause concern and less than ideal growth makes the U.S. stock market falter, there’s one nation that seems to be bucking the trend. China is rapidly becoming a very real economic powerhouse, and it’s a must-enter market for many different developing and established markets. While the nation’s manufacturing index might be growing sluggishly, imports to the country have not been adversely affected. If you are considering entering the Chinese market, logistics are an essential consideration.

Do Your Research

While China’s economy has been booming for over a decade, there are still niches that need to be filled. However, they may not be particularly apparent at first glance. That means it is incumbent on any firm interested in penetrating this market to conduct thorough research, identify potential niches and begin communication with the right international partners and logistics companies.

Know Restrictions

While China might be importing more goods than ever before, the nation remains very strict on some items. Know what restrictions are in place and adhere to them.

Work with a Trusted Intermediary

One thing that regularly surprises companies seeking to enter the Chinese market is the fact that Chinese companies don’t often like to do business with people they don’t know. You might have the perfect product, at the ideal price, and you’ll find it almost impossible to get anything done. Be prepared to work with an intermediary who is known and trusted. An experienced logistics company with a long history of doing business in China can be an invaluable asset, not just in streamlining the shipping, customs and warehousing of your products, but in getting your foot in the door in the first place.

Choose the Right Distribution Solution

While forming the right relationships is the crucial first step to entering the Chinese market, it is only the first of many. You will still need to get your goods from your location to the port in China, into warehouses and then into store shelves or businesses. The right logistics company can provide both full container load and less than container load services, customs brokerage services, consolidation options and a great deal more. It is vital that you work with a trusted, reputable logistics company here. Verify their history, their reputation, the services offered and their ability to meet any specialized needs.